The past is gone. The present one is to be celebrated for its energy. Let us have a look:
  1. 1st January is the day when Chaudhry Ranbir Singh breathed his last.
  2. 23rd March is the day of dignity and ralour in the memoriy of S. Bhagat Singh and other such others who died so that we will survive. 
  3. 10th May is the day of Liberation. It is linked to our urge for self-dignity and a resolve against expropriation and tyranny. Let us celebrate.
  4. 30th May is the Press Day. It is a day to remember those who planted the seeds of journalistic endeavor, even in the dark days of slavery.
  5. Let us remember Kabir on June 4, for his contribution to social awakening.
  6. 14th July is the day when a devoted soul for social reform and freedom struggle in this region breathed his last. Chaudhry Matu Ram was a man to be remembered for his relentless struggle to awaken the mass energy in rural Haryana along with S. Ajit Singh and others.
  7. 26 November is the birth day of Honourable Chaudhry Ranbir Singh. Various activities are planned for the day.  
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