The Executive Council of Maharshi Dayanand University, in its meeting held on 07.02.2009, while paying tributes to the sacred memory of outstanding statesman, Chaudhry Ranbir Singh when he passed away on 1st. February 2009 after leading a remarkable social life, had decided to establish a Chair/Peeth in his honour, to further the cause he lived for.

The prominent son of the soil, Chaudhry Ranbir Singh was an able parliamentarian of his times and remained concerned with the destiny of the common man. He remained deeply associated with the aspirations of a blooming Haryana and felt concerned about its culture and ethos, more so the fate of the rural areas. His times made him what he came to be, while he shaped it in his own way - a true son of his soil.

While MDU is envisaged as an institution of excellence in the state, it is in the fitness of things that efforts are made here to study the life and history of Haryana, its culture and ethos systematically, with such stalwarts as Chaudhry Ranbir Singh as the focal point lest the generations go rootless for want of knowledge and sound direction. It will be quite appropriate to commemorate the memory of such an eminent statesman and social reformer as Chaudhry Ranbir Singh. The Chair/Peeth intends to do this in earnest.

The Objectives:

The objectives of Chaudhry Ranbir Singh Peeth are: 

1.   To initiate studies in the history of freedom struggle since 1857 onward and document the role played by the people of Haryana in its execution along with the life, philosophy and history of such stalwarts of the region as Chaudhry Ranbir Singh, his predecessors and contemporaries.

2.   To initiate research studies with proper documentation in socio-democratic processes and parliamentary practices, collate such information for wider dissemination for an informed order in the state.

3.   To study and evaluate the life, work and social philosophy of Chaudhry Ranbir Singh in context of his times as a focal point of research for proper evaluation of his multifaceted persona, including his role in social reforms like promotion of education, elimination of un-touchablity, maintain communal harmony and create an equitable social order.

4.   To undertake such other activities as are necessary that go to raise the level of awareness of the people in its history, social mores and values.

The Peeth aims to:

a)   study the life and history of Haryana and rejuvenate its hoary traditions. It will study the living conditions of the rural Haryana, more so the peasantry and weaker sections of its population.

b)  study society, culture and social reforms in the region

c)   conduct, supervise and undertake research studies and surveys on problems / issues of social interests that govern the developmental processes, as also relating to parliamentary practices; publish works, documents and journals relating thereto

d)   organise efforts to dispel ignorance and educate the people of their rights and obligations and instil scientific temper, conduct seminars etc and publish papers

e)   participate in and/or undertake all such other activities which are incidental to or help advance the cause, aims and objects of the Chair/Peeth.

The Chair will encourage the students to further probe those ideals that were dear to Chaudhry Ranbir Singh and shaped his grit and character when others on several counts tripped aside.

As part of its activities, proper scholarships will also be awarded to those conducting research on any of the above mentioned objects and aims.

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