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  1. Ordinance for Certificate course in Panchayati Raj and Rural Development      (in .docx format)
  2. ORDINANCE for Master of Education (M.Ed.) w.e.f. session 2015-16      (in .docx format)
  3. Ordinance for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)      (in .docx format)
  4. Ordinance for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Special Education.pdf      (in .docx format)
  5. Ordinance for Award of Grace Marks      (in .docx format)
  6. Ordinance for M.Pharma based on CBCS      (in .docx format)
  7. Ordinance for B.Pharma based on CBCS      (in .docx format)
  8. Ordinance for Shastri (MDU Scheme/Aarsh Scheme)      (in .docx format)
  9. Ordinance for Acharya, a PG degree in Various Oriental Studies      (in .docx format)
  10. Ordinance for Prajna/Purva Madhyama and Visharad/Uttaramadhyama      (in .docx format)
  11. Common Ordinance for 2 year courses      (in .docx format)
  12. Common Ordinance for 3 year courses      (in .doc format)
  13. Common Ordinance for 4 year courses      (in .docx format)
  14. Common Ordinance for 5 year courses      (in .doc format)
  15. CBCS Ordinance for all PG courses (except M.Pharma.)      (in .doc format)
  16. Ordinance for Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)      (in .docx format)
  17. Ordinance for Master of Architecture and Planning (M.Arch. & M.Planning)      (in .docx format)
  18. Ordinance for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. ) Programme      (in .doc format)
  19. Ordinance for Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)      (in .doc format)
  20. Ordinance for Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) Courses      (in .doc format)


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